AQUA DOME - Tirol Thermal Spa

Austria's most modern thermal spa

With its generous architecture, the AQUA DOME sits happily in the shadows of the giants of the Ötztal Alps. Nature has been deliberately incorporated in the design by using the elements wood, stone and light, making it one of the most attractive and unconventional thermal spas in Austria. The facility is open to all guests staying in the Ötztal and is thus an ideal extension of the region's leisure programme.

Austria's thermal spa in the mountains

The thermal spa landscape extends over an area of 50,000 m², of which 2,200 m² are covered by water, and has been laid out in accordance with the rules of feng shui. At its core is the crystal-shaped thermal dome, which covers two large thermal baths containing sulphur mineral water at temperatures of 34°C and 36°C respectively, inviting visitors to take a healthy dip. The three futuristic outdoor basins, which seem to hover above the ground, give users a sense of weightlessness as they gaze at the surrounding mountains, making this into the most impressive of the thermal spas in Austria. The thermal basins surround an illuminated glass cone. Underwater music and light effects enhance the experience of bathing in the saline pool. The massage basin has as a special feature a thermal water fountain while the third whirlpool basin is like a gigantic jacuzzi. One of the highlights offered by Austria's most cutting-edge thermal spa are the moonlit bathing sessions that continue until midnight every Friday.

The 'Alpine Noah's Ark' children's play area

Awaiting children and families is a special water fun section with two large pools on the deck of the 'Alpine Noah's Ark', a giant 90 m water slide, well-equipped play rooms and a separate outdoor area. The younger spa visitors are superintended and encouraged in their play by trained supervisors at no extra charge.

The AQUA DOME also houses a diversified and ingenious sauna complex called 'Gletscherglühen' . Visitors can select the temperature suitable for them from the range of individual saunas. Salt, yoghurt, honey and pelloid skin packs are available to enhance the effects.

Health & beauty and the spa

In the extensive spa section, highly qualified therapists offer an extensive array of treatments in a revitalising ambience. Among the therapies available are Ötztal stone massage, alpine pack massages and outstanding Ajaran treatments. Quality beauty products from leading manufacturers such as Shiseido, Biosel and Carita are used.

Fitness centre

The Beauty & Body oasis is perfectly complemented by the Fitness centre at which visitors can train under the supervision of qualified coaches using holistic concepts. 

A visit to the thermal spa is also a treat from the culinary viewpoint; healthy eating becomes a real pleasure in the market produce market with its revitalising buffer, in the sauna restaurant or the 'Mammut' bar. 

Particularly revitalising is a spa 'day de luxe', during which the full range of facilities of the AQUA Dome - thermal spa, sauna and fitness training - come into play. In the exclusive rest and reaction area, the visitor will understand what it means to be a VRP (or very relaxed person)!