Area 47 - Outdoor-Adventure Park

AREA 47, a 16-acre site located at the southern end of Ötztal in the Tyrol, offers the most exciting combination of adventure and outdoor activities in the alpine region and is guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping.

Get the adrenaline pumping on the 16-acre ultimate outdoor playground. The Water Area covers 20,000 m² and includes a 7,000 m² bathing lake - the "Hot'n'Wet" core of AREA 47. And there are facilities for snowboarders, free skaters and BMX riders, an overhanging deep water solo climbing wall and a slackline trail. There is also a world's first: a combined diving platform and ramp tower that is a massive 27.5 metres high in total.

For those who like to be on top

What's the best way to get an overview of all the totally wild options available? Climb to the very top, of course, where you are eye-to-eye with the ultimate highlights that AREA 47 has to offer. Start with the "Flying Fox", a 320-metre long cable slide that may leave you hanging but won't leave you cold. If your appetite for vertigo-inducing fun is not yet appeased, try the "Mega Swing"; suspended at a height of 30 metres under a bridge, you can swing from pier to pier. A real adrenaline kick! The 27-metre high rope course in AREA 47 sets new standards in terms of will power and skills, while in the climbing area, climbers cling like geckos to the vertical and overhanging sections. On one of the piers of the Achbrücke bridge can be found Austria's highest artificial climbing wall - there is no doubt that the facilities on offer justify calling this a "paradise for climbers".

And climbers aside, at the foot of the bridge is located the start of a paradise for rafters looking to spend a rafting break in the Tyrol. AREA 47 offers river rafting, canyoning and other exciting water tours in which all the experience gathered since the early days of rafting in the region is put to the good.