The Health Resort Hotel in Umhausen

The Health Resort Hotel in Umhausen

Revitalising health breaks: Austria and the Ötztal will recharge your batteries. The range of treatments offered in the new Health Resort Hotel in Umhausen is vast, making this the perfect base for your health break in the Tyrol.

The spring water that emerges from the depths of Ötztal is enriched with radon and thus has many therapeutic applications. It is particularly effective in degenerative disorders of the spine and the joints, rheumatic conditions and respiratory and skin diseases. It is also frequently used to alleviate symptoms associated with the menopause, to enhance the immune system and for general revitalisation of the body.

Radon exercise bath

In a radon exercise bath, the beneficial effects of radon therapy are complemented by physical exercise. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the analgesic effects can persist for up to 12 months.

Whole-body cold therapy

With the appropriate protection and in their swimsuits, patients stay in a cold chamber for up to 3 minutes. The rapid withdrawal of body heat at a temperature of -110°C also eliminates physical symptoms for a period of up to 3 hours or more so that the patient can exercise in this time. The treatment also stimulates immune cells so that they regain their physiological potential.

An overview of the treatments

  • Radon therapy
  • Natural fango and hay flower body packs
  • Carbovasal therapy
  • Whole-body cold therapy at -110°C
  • Revitalising and carbon dioxide baths
  • Pine needle baths
  • All classic forms of massage
  • Manual lymph drainage
  • Training in the use of medical devices
  • Pool physiotherapy
  • Gamma swing
  • Spinal therapy

The new Health Resort Hotel in Umhausen is due to open on 18 September 2011. Combine your health break in Austria with a stay in the imposing natural surroundings in Ötztal. You will find here the peace and quiet you need to aid your recovery. For a health break that will benefit you over the long term - visit and recuperate in Ötztal in Austria.  You will have the breathtaking alpine scenery before your door and be in the care of highly qualified therapists during your health break in Tyrol.